DDos Protection will be available in September/October

Our data center is planning to have ddos protection system on all dedicated server series. This will include:

– a firewall network
– mitigation of DDoS attacks
– choice of mitigation type
– permanent mitigation
– detection of an attack and activation of the mitigation

We will be offering three levels of service:

By default and included in the price, the aim is to protect our infrastructure and the services of the customer as best we can. In order to properly protect an infrastructure against an attack, it is necessary to know what is running on the server, and then set up the right mitigation configuration. Without having human contact with the customer, we can only do our best. This is the level of service we will provide by default.

With PRO usage, you will be able to tinker with and adapt the protection using the manager or APIv6. We will offer you
the following tools:
– the firewall network of 480Gbps with the possibility of adding 100 ACL lines by DST IP.
– the choice of several dozen mitigation types, including web, SMTP, game, teamspeek, streaming etc.
– permanent mitigation or attack detection with automatic VAC activation

With VIP Support, you will have 24/7 human assistance with configuration + Someone to talk to in the event of an attack, to help you configure the protection to block the attack quickly and efficiently. The VIP team will ensure that the attack is monitored
24/7 and will adapt the protection if the attack changes.

This service will be available on all budget, france, canada and unmetered dedicated servers in coming September/October.

If you need more information please contact us.

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